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Re:I agree with anonymous (Re: creepy)

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 20, 2006 02:14 AM
I'm not all that worried about Sun.

Nor are M$, I suspect. Sun does not sell desktops and even in servers there's this kind of illusion that Solaris will return and prevail over Linux, sword in anvil and all.

M$ is after, IMHO, If Sun is assured they won't be threatened, Oo.o users more or less might be left unattended and defenseless...

It's almost impossible to find a Mac in retail in my country. Apple simply has no presence here. If we talk about desktops, the sole competitor to Windows is Linux. (and soon Koffice, I hope) is key to this... without Oo.o, now, Linux is not viable as a home or corporate desktop.

We're not just talking about income from Office sales, we're talking about a supermarket with up to 40% of the desktops on sale without any M$ software.

I just _saw_ this today, this is reality, I'm not speaking about some future scenario.

Don't ever for a minute think that M$ gets conforted that many which try Linux might be disappointed and return to Windows. What's important is the moment of sale, and there are others eating from their plate.


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