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Re:We doesn't need this support

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 19, 2006 02:37 PM
You call people an idiot, and that makes *you* one. Stick with the topic, please.

Most users in fact don't need VBA. If your corporation does, then I pity you. Remember that Microsoft is scared silly of and has been for a while. They are also absolutely frightened of OpenDocument. If they can somehow claim that " violates our patents" someday, then, GPL or no GPL, there's a costly lawsuit coming.

Of course, the offending code--if it's truly found to be offending by a court--would simply be ripped out. However, M$ wouldn't stop there. They'd then trumpet, "See, *OpenDocument* violates our 'intellectual property', just look at!" It'd be a totally false comparison, but they'd still do it in a heartbeat.

I say, just leave VBA out of OO.o and have Web applications (PHP or Java based, as just two cross-platform examples) to do those functions that are sometimes done with VBA in MS Office. In the long run, corporations will save a bundle--specifically, when the next version of MS Office comes out, and yes, I'm accounting for MS's volume licensing. Actual retail price would mean even more savings.


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