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Whiners == Wankers

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 19, 2006 04:31 AM
'Oh noes. It is teh evil. I'll get viruses. Oh noes!!!'

Are you all kidding me? This is a major and fantastic advancement for OOo! Thanks to this new addition, Excel spreadsheets that were being used for business and could not function in OOo will now work. This eliminates yet another argument against OOo. One less excuse not to use it.

OOo Basic wasn't plausible because no one was willing to learn and port to yet another scripting and macro language. Why should they? They already know VBA and it works fine for them in Excel. Now that OOo supports VBA the learning curve is further reduced and documents/user can switch back and forth form Excel to Calc.

VBA support in OOo is great news! As for viruses, I never found them to be a problem with Excel so, I see no reason for them to be a problem with OOo.

You wankers just like to see your own whiny posts!


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