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I agree with anonymous (Re: creepy)

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 18, 2006 08:45 AM
You're walking with Novell, everything is ok.

Linux is not tainted by M$ IP.

Now Novell comes up with some good-looking food and says "Wanna try?", after taking a bite itself.

"Hmm, ok", you say. After just one piece, you realize it's poison, but Novell was immune because of the deal.

But you, being Red Hat, or Xandros, or Linspire or any other commercial Linux cannot any longer go where Novell goes. They can now breath underwater, but you must remain at the beach.

Novell gets differentiated, walks freely in M$ environments, and M$ has just made one single company more powerful. A single company which will be friends with M$...

One cannot help but wonder whether this is analogous to the technique used in Africa (IIRC, about hutu and tutsi): favouring one ethnic group while persecuting another, until there is hate between them.

Hate and segregation lead to secession. In a time when Gnome and KDE are finally stablishing common rules in freedesktop, M$ tries their final move to divide the free software movement, because divided we are weak.

Alas, as other M$ past initiatives -- Linux as a joke, cancer, viral, not ready -- this will also backfire.


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