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Is there a GnuCash with no double entry stuff???

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 09, 2006 08:23 AM
Is there a GnuCash with no double entry stuff???

Debits and credits and crediting a debit account is something that all 1st year accounting majors must slosh thru.... however, this is no easy chore for most common folks at all. My mom, two sisters, a brother, and an uncle and some cousins I know would never enjoy learning about it as they are not "number liking folks" they like people and so an accounting app must be very easy on them! In fact there are four basic personality types and at least 2 out of 4 will always have difficulty as the advanced number logic areas of the brain (geek mind) don't seem to be what they are born with!

The trouble with us geeks is that we don't really understand why they don't get it. But, you all know who I am talking about and they live in your family too!

So - When you have a wonderful double entry accouting package like GnuCash not many will use it because they don't and never will GROK it at all!

Solution - do an overlay to this GnuCask and call it GnuCash PLUS! Only this application would use single entry and then a hidden matching 2nd entry in the right spot to off-set or balance the intended transaction or entry. This can be done and should be done in order to make accounting easier (this is why we have computers you know... and the feat to make accouting easier is no different than a spell checker, etc)! All that is needed to explain everything is an audit trail and the ablililty to reverse a transaction to correct it!

So - is it possible to do a GnuCash PLUS that would allow for easier accounting?

AND at the same time to construct a GnuCash for governments and non-profits (and a PLUS version of this for small governments and non-profits)! Explained here as the first of the reader comments following this recent GnuCash article on this site:
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orginal article titled:
Review: GnuCash 2.0 Monday November 06, 2006 06:01 PM GMT) By: Conrad Canterford


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