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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on December 25, 2006 01:51 AM
The fact that you are stupid enough to think Windows, let alone Novell, is better than linux means you probably are too much of a moron to use linux anyways.

Ohh, it's not point and click, I don't know how to set up apache. I want Microsoft to give me little windows to click; boo hoo. Most of the sysadmins I have met over the years think they are so smart because they can follow the Microsoft dialog boxes... but give them cli and tell them to set up a domain name server using bind and they will cry like little girls.

There are plenty of ways you can back your data up, either by writing scripts to move data to an offsite backup, putting files on CD, etc. Most people who use linux are using them on secure sites (I remember when you could go to a website and it would tell you your NT password, that's REAL security ha) and when they delete a file, they don't want people easily getting into it again! It could contain passwords or sensitive data. Why do we want 30 copies of this sensitive data floating around the computer?

Also, because all you can talk about is Ext2/3 I doubt you really know much about the _other_ filesystems Linux has to offer, even though other users have talked about them.

The NSA, thats the National Security Agency, uses Linux distributions. I cannot name 1 major university using Windows on their servers, but I know about 40 who use Linux. I do work out of a Supercomputer Center sometimes, and ALL of their machines are linux.

Let's have some fun shall we? Let's go to the top 500 supercomputer list and find out how many are running Windows... <a href="" title=""></a> NONE. Not a single one. If Windows is so SUPERIOR, it would be the obvious choice for supercomputers, right? Idiot.

I will not try to argue that Linux is the best thing for a desktop OS, however with newer distributions like Kubuntu it is very practical (I put kubuntu on my gf's laptop and she never has any problems, and she knows NOTHING about computers). When she deletes a file it goes to the recycling bin... and she never bothers to empty it (I empty it every now and then).

But for the most part, Linux is a server OS. You shouldn't be in such a hurry when you're on your server that you run around rm'ing files. It is nice though to have a backup way of getting files after they are gone, so this article is handy.

So, I conclude, either:
1. you are just stupid and can't use linux
2. you are a microsoft employee or work indirectly for microsoft
3. both 1 and 2

(you are definitely not a novell employee because novell hates microsoft)


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