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Re:Best Of Luck With That

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 18, 2006 01:29 AM
They suck, do they, lol? Does Windows YET have a filesystem with journaling? Chkdsk? Defrag? What are THOSE? In linux, those are not required - I haven't used either in years.

Linux not only has more advanced filesystems in general, but more to choose from. Need one that is optimized for handeling thousands of very small files? They have it. Need a filesystem that can delete VERY large files VERY quickly? They have that.

Finally, what do you mean "commercial"? You mean like XFS or JFS, made by IBM and Sun, lol?

Get with the program, dude. There are filesystems that allow encryption - real encryption, not that fake-crap that NTFS gives you. There are filesystems that use compression, ideal for cd-rom based liveCDs and there are filesystems that let you stack multiple mount points together, giving you and your apps the illusion that they can write to read-only media like CDs and DVDs - very handy for many tasks.

Allof the above are free and most are usually included in most major distros. Now, if you want commercial as in you have to pay big bucks for it, well, they have those too, like that new one from IBM that's made for ginourmous filesystems with ginourmous data. Dontcha wonder why they don't use Windows machines to build supercomputers? Hmmm, lol...

As someone else said, trash cans are fine for the noob crowd. No one really undeletes in windows anymore...


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