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Re:Epiphany Anyone?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on October 14, 2006 06:12 AM
And what about those of us who do not use either KDE, or Gnome? I use fvwm over X Windows and do not use any Desktop Environment. What browser will Debian give me in this case?

I am a long time Debian user, about 8 years, since I started using Linux. From all that I have seen and heard, and briefly tried other distros, I want to stay with Debian, but I have to agree with Mozilla on this issue. I can, to some extent, understand Debians reasoning behind the DFSG, but I frequently find it annoying.

I have software that Debian was perfectly happy to put in the distro, but the documentation is mysteriously missing. I was directed to the upstream website for online documentation. With the long release times that Debian sometimes has I can end up with a perfectly working, but older version of the software than that which is documented on the upstream provider's site. This is good for who? Me? Debian? The upstream provider? The answer is no one!

Mozilla has every right to insist that if Debian says it is distributing Mozilla's Firefox that the code should reasonably match what Mozilla puts out and that the logo should match Mozilla's logo. If Debian wants to change the logo then it needs to change the name, and it has the right to do so. This is FOSS and they can do what they want to the code and logo, but not if they still want to use the Firefox name.


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