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Re:how can Debian do identity theft!?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on October 12, 2006 02:52 AM
why do they need tp backport it? is it because of changes they made? and what is backporting? (I really don't know).

they changed the graphics and from what this artical says they make there own paches to the program. they are changing it. that is good, but if mozilla doesn't want to associate themselves with the changes then thats their right and the trademark is what identifies them so using it on a product means that the product is part of Mozilla and Mozilla don't want the modified version as part of them unless they approve it. I don't want someone giving me money unless I know its legal, because I can get in trouble. I don't wan't people putting girly funiture in my house because I just don't like it. etc, etc. but, most important of all, If I don't want to accept a gift, you can't force me. if you put property under my name, I might not want it. you need my concent. I may allow you to take the blueprints to my house so you can make duplicate, but thats your property under your name and your responsibility. If you changed anything from my blueprints, well, that ain't my problem and suit yourself. I'm not paying for the damage.


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