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Based on a CVS tag.... nice joke.

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on October 11, 2006 05:44 PM
"...the release must be based on the CVS tag and/or source tarball..."

Up until recently, the source code that went into the final releases wasn't the source code that was in CVS and wasn't the soure code that was tagged as the release. Only after a *lot* of distribution maintainers started complaining did the release managers actually start implementing a system whereby the exact source for an actual release was available.

And now they're complaining about people not sticking to the pristine source and basing releases off CVS tags. Nice joke.

The Mozilla name and brand have been significantly tarnished in my eyes by this exercise.

I used to spend time moving IE users over to Mozilla for both technical and ideological reasons. The latter is no longer applicable.

<flamebait>So, if M$ can get their act together enough for IE7 there might be no reason at all for me to help people switch.</flamebait>


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