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Re:Mozilla violating the Four Freedoms

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on October 11, 2006 01:59 PM
No. There's a reason for trademark law. For example, in the early 1900's, NCR took used, crappy cash registers, labeled them with their competitor's brand name, and sold them from a store named after competitors. The idea was to trash the reputation of their competitors. And it worked.

Fast forward a century. Microsoft, wanting to trash Java, ships a shitty version of Java with Windows and IE. THis was a trademark dispute, not a copyright dispute. If it was so-shitty, Sun should have been able to yank the license to call it Java. Lawsuits ensued. All I know is that the shitty JVM is still shipped with Windows, and it's still back where it was in 1998.

OK, so what's stopping MS from downloading the source for FireFox, making all sorts of changes to make it shitty, and shipping a copy with every version of Windows, to play alongside IE? The trademark rules, that's what.

That would be a move MS would like to make, it would make IE look much better in contrast and would increase their market hedgemony. Mozilla's TM rules are specifically designed to prevent this. ANd their TM rules have paid off: FireFox, by that name, is so popular that even Debian wants to include it.

I think that Mozilla's TM needs conflict with Debian's freedom needs. Firefox cannot ship with Debian, because it's not free enough. This is a situation Debian chose for themselves, from the start. They are the ones who demanded that level of freedom, and they acknowleged when they made that rule that there would be software that they couldn't ship with Debian Linux because of lack of freedom. So be it, Firefox is not for Debian.

So it strikes me that the IceWeasel project is the way to go. But don't call it IceWeasel as if Mozilla is doing something shitty by covering their ass. They aren't.

There's many other Mozilla-derived browsers around, what's one more? Just don't call it FireFox, and don't bitch and moan when Mozilla tries to protect themselves from MS. WHose side are you on anyway?


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