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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on October 05, 2006 04:30 PM
> "The GUI update tool, Turbo Plus, only works if you've registered your version of Turbolinux. It is really easy to register, just enter the serial number, an email address and press the send button."

I think that sucks. One of the good things generally assiocated with Linux is that you dont have to mess wit licenses, you dont have to mess with serial numbers, you dont have give up your email addresses or anything, I like alot privacy. I dont like that I need license, serial key, and give up my email address.

Another thing I noticed in this article was proprietary software. I understand why it comes with Flash as plenty of sites (unfortunaly) use it. But I dont understand why it comes with RealPlayer 10. Nobody uses RealPlayer anymore, RealPlayer is dead. It was used in 1998 some, but nowadays its really really rare.


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