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Posted by: Administrator on September 30, 2006 04:12 AM
I believe your perceptions about the ease of installation (or lack thereof) of the Open Source edition are unfounded. I don't believe there is much difference between the installation of the pay and free versions... and you really should have installed the two versions on the same Linux setup to verify that. When you did the pay on CentOS and the free on Debian, your experience was really a measure of the state of the pre-installed systems you used... and how well they met Zimbra's system requirements.

I wasn't aware that the calendaring and contacts was supposed to work with any stand alone mail client save Outlook with the pay version plugin... so your attempt to make calendaring work with Evolution or Kontact were a complete waste of time... at least with the released versions so far. Calendaring, contacts, and document share are only for the web-client and Outlook with plugin... although there may be addons for Evolution at some point.

You didn't mention Zimlets at all... which I think is one of the strong points of Zimbra.

Also the import of Outlook<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.pst files can be problematic... and the calendar import is a relatively new feature that is accomplished in a round about way. I've not done either... but I've read about it.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:)

Other than that, good review.


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