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Rubbish - web clients a no panacea

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on September 29, 2006 08:32 AM
Forget the web client - users hate 'em and there's no offline capability for laptops, etc, and no desktop integration with MAPI, which is used by other applications to send email. Scalix, Open-exchange, Zimbra, et al, would do well to invest in focusing on a full-featured Outlook-replacement in the first instance, possibly to be integrated with OpenOffice. One of the gotchas of these Exchange-alternatives is their horrid installation and manageability - there’s no possibility a non-Linux geek could realistically implement and upkeep these products in their office – as they can easily do with Exchange. Sadly that problem seems to be commonplace with most open-source Linux-based projects.

I will continue to support these and other projects however as there is a greater good being served by open-source, one that the likes of Microsoft will never understand.


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