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Re:Dr. Portland and Mr. Hyde

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on August 30, 2006 06:35 AM
Kevin is one of the folks in the second group
I mentioned

I definitely feel flattered for being called a visionary, I count myself primarily to the first group and IMO as the contributor of the first set of scripts as well as large portions of the shared code, I can be counted as part of the script people, can't I?

And, whoever came up with this might care to explain why they think so, but we're not on the quest of replacing GNOME or KDE APIs.

I guess this is true for all involved KDE developers, but I certainly like the KDE API: its elegance, its features, etc

Once DAPI is finished, they want
to replace the simple xdg-utils scripts with
versions implemented on top of DAPI.

While it might be possible to create an xdg-utils implementation based on DAPI, it would be an additional effort.

I think our resources are better spent maintaining the current scripts and developing DAPI as a separate solution for tighter integration and the more complex tasks.

We have already encountered a couple of difficulties while creating the scripts, since any kind of sophisticated encoding/decoding will have to be done in the calling applications.

As far as I can tell, he would actually
like developers to code to DAPI rather than
to Qt or gtk

I think that's a pretty far fetched assumption. A better assumption would be that he would prefer people to code for Qt/KDE but he's obviously acknowledging that other developers feel different.

If you know of a URL
where Lubos has set limits on what DAPI will
be used for, I'd like to see it

Since this is an implementation of the Portland integration tasks, this is the list of things that need to be implemented.

If any contributing developer would actually prefer some meta toolkit solution, they would be working on wxWidgets, we KDE developers prefer to spend our time on improving KDE code, but will also spend time on improving cross-desktop cooperation.

Kevin Krammer
xdg-utils developer


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