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Silver Bullet?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on August 27, 2006 07:19 AM

Portland intends to generate a common set of Linux Desktop Interfaces and Tools to allow all applications to easily integrate with the free desktop configuration an..,

"end user has chosen to work with."

End Quote!

Yet you tend to be stating the purpose of the Portland initiative is to Unify desktops - funny it states a common set of api's/tools for app integration - I didn't see it state its purpose was to unify to a common desktop. Furthermore, the LSB (Linux Standards Base) is to give developers a common file structure and road map - not to unify Linux distros.

I wish you guys (reporters) would get your facts straight before posting inaccurate fud and misinformation. I find this happens especially frequently where technical issues are concerned. Please go back and re-check the "stated" purpose of the Portland initiative and the mission of the LSB once more. And who said the mission of either initiative as meant to be a Silver Bullet?

Talk about embellishment, Sheesh!


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