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Please Look Closser.

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on August 27, 2006 06:35 AM
LSB intergates freedesktop. Freedesktop is one of the spec development grounds from LSB. Most of Freedesktop specs will upstream into LSB.

Portland is part of LSB projects to build stuff to help Win32 developers to migrate to LSB without using Win32 like envorment like

If you look closely the Linux attack is just slow moving. But its moving. Hart of it is LSB.

LSB does not just define ABI. It defines directorys, config locations and filenames of stuff. On top of that desktop standards are entering as they become stable. Most of the distros have agreed to follow LSB. So any standard of Linux is better to go threw LSB since you really don't need to go threw the agreement process all over again.

LSB is the silver bullet. Without the agreement between distros no project could even merge the Linux desktop. Many people think LSB is just server. Sorry to say that is where it started but not where its going. Without a stable base of the system merging the desktop was point less. So they merged the base first.


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