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heretic thought

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on August 26, 2006 10:51 PM
There was a discussion on local usenet group about the people they called PengWins. The individuals who switch from Windows and exect to find similar functionality. Some group regulars claimed that such individuals "pollute" Linux with their ideas and that they should switch back. I don't agree, but it started me thinking why people switch ? They are running desktop, not servers, and they have no UNIX-like experience. What is the driving force ?

I realized that it was the diversity of the desktop. There is only one desktop environment on Windows. One can change theme, but it is always same old Windows. On UNIX-likes there are some 50 desktop environments and window managers. There is something for everyone, simple ones, complex ones, large ones, small ones, fast ones and slow ones.

I believe that the primary reason for switching, for non-technical user is just a diversity of desktop. And, as we see, every now and then somebody is trying to kill that.



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