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Re:partition order

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on August 31, 2006 11:25 PM
do not bother yourself repartitioning the disk drives. It will only result in data loss or waste of time. Simple, if you have already installed your Ubuntu and xp and need to reinstall xp for perculiar reasons: this is how
Just try to get an xp bootable cd and insert it into your drive to boot after the post operation. After the booting process from the cd, leave all current partitions intact; do not make any changes. keep pressing 'enter' till you get to the option where you are asked to install windows in the listed folder below. When installing windowsxp the previous time you specified a particular folder you wanted your installation to reside in. If that is the folder displayed in the option, just press 'enter' to begin the reinstallation of windowsxp. Follow on-screen instruction for succesful install, then bingo! you have your dual operating systems working again. Thanks.


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