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Re:on-board raid? so sorry, no workee.

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on August 31, 2006 11:07 PM
SATA drives are special kind of disk drives. They are improved disk drives especially when using them with raid controllers. So when installing them on a server computer with raid controller, first check to see if your controller card is compatible with the system board or the drives. Secondly, see if the raid card is detected be the bios: this are early steps in installations. Thirdly, every raid controller card is shipped with configuration cd,s for installing them on their respective servers. If you choose to install linux or any other operating system,i will advise you to configure with RAID 5 OR 3. Raid 5 supports data stripping, in other words, stripes the data unto the other hard disk drive. Raid three will lead you to mirroring the drives which always reserve a copy of your data on the other. So configure your controller card that way and you will certainly get it working. Without that Ubuntu will see both drives as a single partition. Thanks.


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