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Re:A couple of things...

Posted by: roblimo on July 22, 2006 10:17 AM
I do the "from bootup" captures with a VGA - USB adaptor from Epiphan - It's a $300 item, but none of the less-expensive ones I tried gave a clear enough image.

Fades and cuts are standard in almost any competent video editing program.

As far as the partition utility on the Ubuntu Live CD: It was great and easy when putting Ubuntu on the entire CD (as it is on the computer I'm using to type this), but I found it puzzling enough when I attempted to shrink a Windows partition and add Linux partitions that I didn't want to inflict it on people who are likely trying Linux for the first time. The MEPIS Live CD has regular QPartEd, but I wanted to be distro-neutral.

Now I'm playing with the SUSE partitioner, and it's also kind of screwy. Does anyone really need an 8 GB root partition? And should you really be forced to shrink your Windows partition to 13 GB on a 40 GB drive? I tried to alter these defaults in the "expert" setting and got errors, also errors on an NTFS partition resize. Geh. Might be my test computer's crummy CD/DVD drive not reading something right. Getting a new one soon, hopefully tomorrow.

I'll gradually build a "library" of videos for most popular GNU/Linux distros and software that runs on them. And who knows? Maybe someone else will start makiing Linux/FOSS instructional videos for us to publish. I see no reason we wouldn't pay for them at rates similar to what we pay for equivalent text articles.

- Robin



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