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Re:Xandros Open Client Edition

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on July 11, 2006 05:57 AM
Regarding the implication that Xandros activation is using something similar to Windows Genuine Advantage is hogwash! WGA is intrusive - collecting SW and HW information and 'phoning home' with it on a regular basis.

Xandros does nothing like that at all.. it merely wants to make sure you are an actual Xandros user with a valid email address in order to use its free network service for downloading free software and updates. Nothing more nothing less. If you want to protect your 'real' email address - just use a fake account like yahoo or hotmail like everyone else does.

It took me all of a minute and a half to register and activate my Xandros Networks service - no problems at all.

I have seen this poster 'trolling' on other sites with this same nonsense about activation in hopes of stirring up controversey - and hopefully seeing they're name in lights! So be warned!

- and NO I am not going to reply to Pollycats endless rantings (I suspect he is not even an Xandros4 user)


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