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But Slackware already runs on old hardware

Posted by: Administrator on June 03, 2006 04:54 AM

I am not attempting to denigrate the effort the developer expended
putting this system together but Slackware itself runs quite well on old

I've been running slackware-current on a 486 with 28 megs of ram and a
120mhz laptop with 65 megs ram for quite sometime.

I have X Window System running on the 486 with wmaker as window manager.
Yes, it is slow to startup but once it gets going, I can run GNU Emacs, the
dillo webbrowser and a couple of xterms no problem. Response is a little
sluggish but not intolerable.

The laptop was a rescue job with a 500meg harddrive. No X but I have
Apache, PHP and mysql installed and am quite happy piddling around with that
in console mode. I'm posting this comment from lynx on the laptop this
moment. And before someone tells me to get some new hardware, feel free to
send me a big pile of cash and I'll be happy to oblige. (I'm kidding, it
doesn't have to be a big pile.)

I can appreciate the work that goes into such an endeavour (I've tried my
hand at Linux From Scratch) but distributions such as this are redundant
considering the Real Deal(TM) is more than up to the task.


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