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Good article

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 29, 2006 12:55 PM
Good article, thanks. Its good to be reminded of hidden and/or forgotten features now and again.

Two questions. First, is it possible to print out (on paper) all the default key bindings for Kde, without having to print a screenshot of the keybindings? Is there any text list of the keybindings? It would be very handy to have that list available, next to the monitor or hanging on a nearby wall or on the side of the tower for reference from time to time. Especially when a service crashes or the computer is very busy and you can't or don't have time to pull up the screen showing the keybindings.

Second, the keybindings have turned into a helpful crutch for me for when kwin crashes. When kwin crashes, the top of each window disappears (and some functionality fails) so there is no way to drag the window, resize it, open new tabs in konqueror, use the kicker panel, etc. Is there any way to restart kwin when kwin crashes, without restarting X? Losing kwin is a nightmare sometimes because of the number of open konqueror tabs and windows I usually have open, in addition to the other apps like Kmail which has to be shut down by killing the process when kwin crashes instead of cleanly shutting it down, and so on. Restarting X means I lose all the tabs/windows I had open, I lose the ssh shells open to servers I was monitoring, I possibly lose some emails because kmail wasn't shut down cleanly, etc. And to top it off, if running one of my usual desktops, the computer shuts completely down when restarting X because I'm running knoppix from the cd instead of Debian from the hard drive. So kwin crashing means a total reboot for me if I can't get kwin working again.


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