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Frugalware and nForce4

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 12, 2006 09:32 PM
After reading this I installed Frugalware 0.4 last night on my home-brew nForce4-based system. I didn't run into any problems with the install or the system when it was done. I have a DFI Lan Party nF4 Ultra board, a dual-core Opteron and an nVidia 6600 video card. All went well.

One thing that was very nice was how painless the Frugalware network install was compared to, say, Suse. I just did a Suse 10.1 beta install over last weekend, and the hoops they make you jump through are annoying. I know they want to sell CD sets, but I question how many they sell by making the network install painful and slow.

I did have a modules issue after the Frugalware upgrade to -current, but it finally cleared itself up after re-running Pacman (at least I think that's what did it).

One thing this does for people is give us a 64-bit Slackware-based distro set up on the 2.6 series kernels from the beginning. There's SLAMD64, but development on that is questionable, judging by their home page. It was also buggier, the last time I tried it.

I've only gotten a few hours on this Frugalware install, obviously, but I installed, did a distribution upgrade and set up my system. Everything seems very nice.


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