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Behold the awesome powers of GParted Live!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 18, 2006 05:55 PM
I was tearing out my hair looking for a feasible way to clone my dual-boot Linux/ Windows box onto a bigger hard drive, complete with mbr. I was leaning towards Acronis, and cloning from the windows partition, but the box doesn't support more than one IDE drive, and as the connection was wireless, using an FTP server looked pretty bleak at 3-400 kbs, plus restoring the image : (

Gparted provided the functionality I was looking for in a very intuitive user interface, you can literally "cut and paste" entire OS partitions from one IDE master to slave drive, and even resize the partitions to desired size on the new , bigger, hard drive. And this is even after the dated bios on the box I was using for this failed to correctly recognize the size of the new 200gb slave drive! Gparted out performed my wildest expectations.

True, QTparted and slax offer similar functionality, but the live boot cd made it possible to perform the clone, without having to worry about any mounted partitions, or even trying to boot the drive,at all. Just plug in both drives as master and slave, boot the Live iso, cut &paste partitions, and return new drive to original box! What could be easier!


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