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Will it be able to save a laptop diskimage to DVD?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 19, 2006 05:14 PM
I was looking for a tool to backup the OS that is installed on the laptop when you buy it. For this I don't really care about partitions, but simply backup the entire laptop disk (assuming the used diskspace is 4GB or less) to a (possibly compressed file on) DVD, so I could restore it later, maybe this does the job.

But it seems a liveboot-CD like this will mount and lock the available DVD-writer.
If so, I'm probably looking for the following:
- will it be possible to temporarily unmount the DVD-writer (to be able to burn the image) or will the running OS be dependent on files on the liveboot-CD.
- install the OS into a ram disk, making the CD-writer independent of OS files.
- have the liveboot-CD on a USB-stick and boot from that, laeaving the DVD-writer available.

There must be more laptop users with this problem.. any suggestions?


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