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Re:a crack team

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 27, 2006 02:36 AM
I agree. A "crack team" of developers is a team whose members know several programming languages, and that means, at a *minimum*, the following:

UNIX shell scripting (csh and bsh)
PERL and/or PHP

These are the languages that actually power the Internet. "First-class" developers are able to, already have, and are currently, writing software that drives the Internet. Any "first-class" developer would know more languages as well. Simply knowing Visual BASIC, or C#, or being helpless without MS Visual Studio and its Microsoft Foundation Classes, makes you a Windows programmer, not a "first-class developer."

The reason for this is simple. Program logic is program logic; one language just expresses that logic one way, another does it another way, but it's the same logic. The biggest part of software development is logical thought and planning. This is what makes folks like RMS, Linus, Alan Cox, Theo, etc. so good at it. These folks are truly first-class developers. In a minimum of time, they could sit down and competently use *any* general-purpose language to accomplish a given goal.


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