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iTunes preventing switch from WinXP to Ubuntu

Posted by: Administrator on July 06, 2006 12:44 AM
I'm currently a WinXP user at home (3 networked pcs), and have been seriously considering, and researching, switching some or all of them over to Linux (specifically thinking Ubuntu distro).
The reasons for wanting to switch are many, but pragmatically, I've been really disappointed with how often the various pcs seem to crap-out.
However, I am very hesitant to take the plunge as we are heavily reliant on iTunes. We've converted tons of WMA files to the iTunes MPEG-4 Audio File format, and have purchased a ton of music through the iTunes Music Store. Also, we both use iPods, which synch with iTunes.
So, my concern is whether or not I'll lose access to all that music.
Would use of mt-daap as a server of those files, and use of Rythmbox with GStreamer as the client to access work for me? Would we be SOL in using our iPods?
I don't want to make assumptions about what I'm gaining through the process of switching from XP to Linux without really understanding what I'm potentially losing.
Thanks in advance!


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