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What a bunch, i the linux world.

Posted by: Administrator on February 12, 2007 12:23 AM
I have to say, that the Liux community is quit the bunch.
I've just recently decided to move from Windows to Linux, but i am having a hard time finding Quality Replacement programs for those i used in windows, Such as Photoshop.
Myself i am quit happy to pay for any software and those that dis people for trying to charge for their software are a bunch of idiots.
How else do you expect do get a good quality app if it is free, how do youo expect people to live, do you think everyone will survice on wellfare?.
No wonder their is not much good apps for linux, everyone whats everything for free. Why do you thik Adobe photoshop is so great? cause the charge for it and thus ables them to make it better, cause people who are not on wellfare do not work for free.
I am not saying that open source is bad, i beleive that with help from the programmers cumminity Distros should be free and if you would like to donate, then go ahead. But applications? i am glad to pay and help the developers live and work more and more on them to make them better.
As for Gimp (what a joke) if you are a real graphics designer, this thing is like trying to make an image on one of those little toys you used to by for your child (scribe) or something i think it was called. I am not syaing that all apps on the Linux os is bad, hey i am a daily user of CorelDraw and i have played with Inkscape, and man what an APP, great job, but for people who say (use Inkscape instead of Photoshop)! common give me a break, InkScape is Vector (LINE ART!!!!!!!) not a bitmap program, just as is CorelDraw it can do some bitmap, but that is not it's strong point nor it's main purpose.

So long story short, if more and more developers would charge for their apps, then perhaps they would finally get the chance to make them better.

If i cant find suitable apps, i am going to have to return to windows.

Other notes:
I read hear that most if not all people that move to Linux is cause of open source, well thats wellfare people, myself and i am sure the only reason most would move to linux is to run away from Viruses, Hijacks, Malware, Addware and so on. And not to mention being able to customize your OS the way you want.

Open source is good in some areas, but hey if your a carpenter, are you going to come over and build me a house for FREE?, well i don't thin so.

So hey, if you like the app and the guy wants money for it, well god dam darnit, can we not just feed him? give the man some food.

Hope i did not offend anyone.


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