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Fantastic for Linux

Posted by: Administrator on December 17, 2005 07:47 PM

The GIMP is great for me. I prefer the interface to Photoshop's, it answers my limited design needs, and I have a strong preference for Open Source/Free software. And I run Linux.

But there was a time when I did more graphic design work and I simply couldn't get the GIMP to do what Photoshop could do, especially when it comes to designing for print. If you're a graphic design professional then the GIMP might not fulfill your needs, and that's why it's awesome to have an alternative that lets you stay on Linux.

Remember, for most people in the industry, Linux isn't even in the running. It's not a question of Linux with an Open Source graphic tool, or with a commercial one. Right now the question for most people is, "do I use Photoshop under Windows or the Mac?" It's great to have an alternative.

And to top it off, maybe a little extra competition will give the GIMP a boost.

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