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Dangers of closed source

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on December 17, 2005 04:30 AM
We all know the arguments of Photoshop vs GIMP; closed source vs open source. Although, who's willing to bet how many illegal copies of Photoshop are installed on the world's home computers?

But Pixel? For $100? Written by one guy, hoping to make it his day job?

That's a risky $100 bet. Who knows what will happen to the software in 1, 2 and 5 years' time. What if this guy goes bankrupt? What if he needs to hike the price again? How can he afford to support it so cheaply if the community can't access the source code?

Nobody's sure if closed-source has a future, but at least Adobe are big enough to stick around, change if necessary.

I very rarely pay for commercial software, but when I do I normally find bad things happen:

1. The price suddenly goes up
2. When I reinstall I have to go hunting for the licence key, maybe request it again (which can take days)

Is $100 a lot of money? No. Could I afford to risk investing hours learning this program, using it, evangelising it? Absolutely not.



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