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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 07, 2005 05:43 AM
This entry is very unfair to XV and needs to be updated.

> You have to load files from a file list tree, without a preview,

Not so - there are THREE ways to bring up XV's thumbnail viewer:

1) Run 'xv -vsmap' from the command line.
2) Right-click to bring up the menu panel, click on 'Windows' then on 'Visual Schnauzer'.
3) Type ctrl-V to do the same thing with a keyboard shortcut.

> XV has no slide show mode,

Also not so. XV has a bazillion command line options. Try 'xv -wait 2 *.jpg' to automatically switch photo's every 2 seconds (for example). There are also options for random viewing, recaling the images, making the images be the X-windows wallpaper, etc, etc.

XV is definitely for command line users though. Most of XV's excellent functionality requires that you RTFM and use the command line options.


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