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A few remarks about gthumb

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 05, 2005 02:49 AM
The description of gthumb seems to imply that it cannot display the image in 'Folder' mode like in the Gwenview and GQview screenshots.

This is not true. That 'mode' can be enabled via the menu entry View > Show/Hide > Image Preview.

However, I understand why the article writer made that mistake.

I have been using GThumb for more than a year (probably closer than 2 or 3 years) and I am still confused by the system of display modes ( "Folders" , "Catalog" or "Image" ) combined with the multiple ways to enable/disable the image preview , the EXIF info, and the user comment.

For example, in "Folders" mode, there are 4 buttons on the top-right of the image preview:

    (1) display the image

    (2) display the Exif

    (3) display the User comment

    (4) disable the Image Preview

It is far too easy to click on (4) by mistake. The result is that the image preview pane is completely gone and must be reenabled via the menu. It took me weeks to figure out why image was sometime disapearing. Very confusing.

Even worse! in "Image" mode, the image preview only has 2 buttons:

    (1) Show/Hide a 'double' pane with Exif on the left and the User Comment on the right ()

    (2) Close

When you click on (2) which often happen by mistake when you try to click (1) the effect is to return to the mode from where the image was called ("Folder" or "Catalogs").

To be even more confusing, the menu View > Show/Hide can also be used to enable/disable the thumbnails pane and the directory pane in "Folder" and "Catalogs" mode.

Another annoyance I noticed in Gthumb is the fact rotation are done via a popup window so at least 3 mouse clicks are needed (select "Rotate Image", select rotation , Apply ). Even worse! in "Folder" or "Catalog" mode, the toolbar contains a "Rotate Image" button to open that window but the 'Tools' menu must be used in "Image" mode.

My conclusion is that Gthumb can be very powerfull. It is fast and has some nice features (web gallery, import photo from camera/usb stick, burn CD) but its interface is too confusing.

If you are looking for an intuive image browser for your mum then this is not the one.



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