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Re:true failover?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on November 19, 2006 03:29 AM
I haven't followed the discussion from the beginning, but I can share my experience with the Linux routing:
1) RUNNING flag previously didn't work with all of the ethernet drivers, but has been since working with every card I' had been using (consider using 2.6 kernel, not sure about the 2.4s). This is also the case with the vlan setups. Summa summarum, if you use newer 2.6 kernel, you want any troubles with either vlan setup or RUNNING flags, no matter which ethernet card you use.
2) When the cable is unplugged and ethernet loses the RUNNING flag, route which points to the interface being down, is still in the table. This is not satisfactory. However, you can always use Quagga with link-detect option, this works like a charm. I have BGP, and OSPF routers doing this in my ISP production network, works great. Zebra terminates the routes from the kernel for the problematic interface. You get Cisco functionality, with fraction of the cost.
3) With regard the OSPF and HA setups (multiple path), works great, just follow the Quagga docs.

Ognjen Seslija
Network Engineer


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