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Migrating from Evolution to Thunderbird!

Posted by: Administrator on September 16, 2004 12:36 AM
Good article !! I did this about a month ago, initially to TB 0.7.3 and now using TB 0.8 -- everything is going smoothly.

Using SlackWare Linux and "evolution-1.4.5-i486-1rob.tgz", I found a utility called "evolution-addressbook-export". It reads the Evolution addressbook and dumps either a vcard or csv file (use --help for fuller details). After I got the csv file, I read it into a spreadsheet (, but gnumeric or ?? should also work) to rearrange the fields to match what TBird wanted (as noted in the article). Wrote out a csv file from the spreadsheet, read it into TBird and was basically done. It took about 10 minutes *after* I figured out what to do. Once all the addresses are in TBird, they can be rearranged pretty easily using TBird's tools.

I installed the TBird calendar plugin to deal with scheduling/todo functions -- seems to work fine for my needs, which admittedly are not that heavy at present.

All the data is stored in the TBird profile directory, so I moved the actual directories/files to another location and "ln -s"'d everything back to the profile(s) (Mail/, Calendar/, and *.mab). A quick bash script for backup and things seem fairly robust right now - no crashes. data loss, or other significant problems.

Oh, my reason for doing this has nothing to do with Evolution as an application, I've used it for quite a while and it did the job. I prefer a lighter weight "desktop", so I don't have Gnome installed -- maintaining currency/dependencies with Gnome for Evolution was the primary issue. Plus I use FireFox as my browser, so I decided to go fully Mozilla.


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