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I wonder what Epson has done

Posted by: Administrator on July 09, 2004 02:30 AM
I wonder what Epson must have done to the 5400 that is so much different than the 5200? I have had the 5200 for a couple of years now and have had no trouble installing it or the scanner portion via xsane. I am using Mandrake however but have Suse9.1 and Fedora installed on this machine, have not messed too much with Suse or Fedora as far as the printer or scanner goes but in Mandrake 10.0 I installed the printer during the installation phase using the Cups system, easy.... When the installation was done and I had rebooted I installed the scanner via Drakconf,Mandrakes system configuration tool and it installed xsane automatically and recognized the Epson scanner.

Started using it with no problem or other intervention. Guess I'll fire up Suse and see what I have to do to get the 5200 working with it.

I'll also investigate the epkowa drivers to see if they can improve on what I have.

Joe, unless I missed it you forgot to detail the one thing that made me dump my HP and that is the benifit of being able to only purchase a yellow cartridge if it runs out instead of having to purchase the whole color cartridge. Staples has the three color cartridges for about $12.00 each. The Black cartridge is more because its bigger with more ink. But that is significatly cheaper than HP's method.

I talked my daughter into the CX5400 but she is using the {gasp} Win2k OS. Also talked my brother into the Epson but he decided to go whole hog and bought the RX500 and its got 6 color cartridges and one black cartridge. And he's using {gasp} WinXP. Still working on getting him converted to Linux and he's starting to bend with all the problems he's had with that other OS.



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