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good first attempt

Posted by: Administrator on April 19, 2004 11:23 AM
Like a few of the other regular VL users, i felt a little dejected at first read. but since this is your first review, i have turned around and want to appreciate you and teh effort you put in;
I hope you also similarly take your time to reconsider VL4soho, hangout in the forums and read up more docs and follow the development plans. I am sure you will also like the whole experience.
As for me, i always have good ideas, and want to do a lot of things.. but i realise the difference between those who actually do things and those who always want to but never endup donig anything;
I appreciate that you actually wrote a review, different people will have different opinions, but my only advice to you is that "you DONT suck"; it was a good review; when you update this review, please take your time to go through the forums.. talk to a few of us there.. and form a more informed opinion.


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