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About the keymap....

Posted by: Administrator on April 09, 2004 04:06 PM
Other points already are adressed by other people , but there is , indeed , the keymap-issue ;
It's actually pretty simple : That issue came up with me in the past and is due to a faulty script in<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/sbin ; "kmapset".
There a corrected one available on the ftp-site ; simply download it and replace the old one with the corrected one , then re-run the keymap-configuration.

This corrected kmapset was supposed to have made it into the RC1 , but due to a human error , the "old" one has snuk in.
This , for sure , will be corrected in the next RC.

Also , on a side-note ; KDE has a very complete list of keymaps to choose from by itself , so when in X , one has no need to go without one's preferred layout.

Thought I'd just point this out.(Keymaps are my main-peeve with Linux , can ya tell?)


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