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Posted by: Administrator on April 09, 2004 03:07 AM
I must say, I am surprised at some of the criticism here. I made no attempt at saying this article covered everything. I attempted to cover what as many areas as I could that would have an effect on the user while not getting into too windy an article.

Also, note that I only said I doubt the decision to include certain programs - not that there weren't reasons for it. I didn't know the reasons - thank you for telling me. I was very certain to be sure that I said it was my opinion when it came to the choice of Gnome over KDE - and that their decision to use KDE did not affect my judgement of the distribution.

Mayhap Vector Linux is built for older hardware - but Slackware works on older hardware, too. On Vector's homepage, they do state that they are attempting to be a more user-friendly Slackware - so that is what I used as a basis for comparison. All non-objective views must have a basis for comparison - and if you want a completely objective view, I'm sorry but that is near impossible.

This was my first article - I'm sorry if you were disappointed. I will be taking note of what people say so I can be sure to include the more pleasing aspects of any other reviews that I do.


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