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First Look at VL SOHO

Posted by: Administrator on April 08, 2004 10:54 PM
It would appear that you have entirely missed the point of Vector Linux. Yes, it is intended to ease the Slackware experience, and it does mitigate many of the hassles that the end user experiences with Slackware. Is it perfect? Your article shows clearly that it is not. However, there are a few things that you fail to mention in the article. For example, Vector Linux is aimed at users of older hardware, and their distribution's kernel is optimized to run fast on this hardware. I run a PII 300 laptop and I have VL 4.0 SOHO on it. Its performance is rather surprising, considering its age.

I was also surprised that you failed to mention the other window manager that comes with VL 4.0 SOHO. KDE is not the only choice of D.E. And your prejudice for Gnome was not missed. How many times do you need to mention that you wish Gnome was included on the distro? Yet you rightfully point out that users can download and install software on their own? I find this to be paradoxical. On the one hand you argue for removing and adding KOffice in order to make room for Gnome, while at the same time arguing that users that need OOo can download it. Methinks you need to follow your own advice and download Gnome.


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