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Posted by: Administrator on April 09, 2004 01:49 AM
Vector Linux is designed for older PCs per Vec (lead coder for Vector Linux). SOHO has higher needs, per Tigger (lead coder for SOHO). This can be verified in their Forums. Though it isn't as high as some of the others.
The reason there is no Gnome is not only to keep it to one CD, but also to reduce the amount of additional libraries to compile and ensure are working. KDE was chosen over Gnome. However, IceWM is also included and works very well. Open Office was chosen over K Office because of its superior support for other formats. Tigger chose the KDE best apps in their field. Where KDE apps were lacking, he went to non specific DE apps, hence XMMS. There are four audio players, because three of them come with KDE. When you try to remove them, you get multiple dependency problems. Tigger wanted to keep the support to a minimum, which is an intelligent decision.
The problem with X and audio need to be corrected and I am sure Tigger will handle that. He should also look into the keyboard problems.
GAIM and Avalaro's MGR were not included since Kopete is a native KDE app and was found sufficent. Remember, this is a small, fast distro without un-needed libraries and services taking away its speed.
It is obvious that the author would have prefer Gnome, but for a small distro, having the two "Heavyweights" Gnome and KDE, just doesn't make sense. Besides, since it is fully Slack compatible, Dropline Gnome is a download away.
Too many things were left out of this article to make it very useful. Seems that he really just wanted to vent on SOHO not having Gnome included. Hopefully the author did make a bug report to get the errors he found corrected.
No mention was included on printing, (CUPS, APS, IPR, etc), web browsing (do we assume konqueror? Is Firefox included?), file browsing (still MC like SOHO 3.2?), SAMBA support, etc. Heck, no mention was made on how easy it is to download additional apps. Is Swaret used?
At least he took the time to describe the problems he had in detail. So some good will come out of this article.


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