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series of articles

Posted by: Administrator on February 24, 2004 07:00 AM

I gotta say, I really enjoy these series of articles. They're broken down into bite-size chunks that seem just right. It's hard for me to know for sure, since I've been using unix-like shells for such a long time, but it seems that this would make for some good start-from-scratch learning material.

Writing about <tt>import</tt> and <tt>mogrify</tt> is a neat idea. I use these tools very often to modify both screenshots, and pictures from my digital camera. This is very handy. The flexibility of modern unix shells makes it even nicer (hopefully these articles will eventually get into some nice looping or conditional structures, if that's not too advanced for the target audience). It might also be a good idea to mention that ImageMagick comes with a few other useful command line tools. A list of these is available in <tt>man imagemagick</tt>. Maybe you'll write some more articles later, but I mention this for folks are seeking more information right away.

One final point I'd like to bring up -- and I hate to be a troll, as I've posted about this before -- but I find it curious that you use the word "noobies" instead of the more common "newbies". Is there any reasoning behind this word choice, or are you simply weird? (Not that being called weird should be taken as much of an insult. How weird am I for noticing and repeatedly mentioning this?)


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