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Re:It's Very Subjective...

Posted by: Administrator on January 29, 2004 10:20 AM
I'll read the final installment with interest as I've read all of them todate especially the one on Xandros as I tried it along with Lindows (first versions). Felt that these packages were two confining as they gave no choice, i.e., partitioning, etc. ala a MS install (I'm not slamming MS). For instance, few experienced users would ever allow the install to take over a whole disk carte blanche. Experience teaches all we have to do is learned. I learned in the early days of DOS before Windows and I continue to learn with Linux. It's part of the challenge and fun. The early and later adopters realise this and have started the wave. Others will come - I only wonder if they really want to be cuddled so warmly or do they think we are pandering to them?


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