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It's Very Subjective...

Posted by: Administrator on January 29, 2004 08:58 AM
I've tried all the major distros starting back with Redhat5.0. Fell in love with Mandrake7.0 by 9.0, I had become disillusioned with rpm dependencies (especially while trying to get multimedia tools/editors to work). Tried Debian - disaster couldn't get it to install and I tried. Read a review on Libranet2.7 as I truly wanted to try apt. Ordered for my son who is in school. Tried it and was smitten, love at first install. Upgrading my system became the easiest thing to do; the pool of software is undoubtedly the largest available and Suse comes with a lot, no more dependency problems. I now use Libranet2.8 which has been modified to 2.8.1 using their new Libranet archive. Have I experienced the Joe Barr problems (and btw, I like his approach to writing articles as it is reflective of how the average person will approach using Linux) - NO! I run L2.8.1 (upgraded from 2.8) on my desktop server (AMD Athlon 1.3/512Mb ram, 80Gbx2 HD, Nividia GeForce2, Kyocera FS1000 printer), Hansol 710D 17" monitor, Alcatel Speedtouch modem using a dsl connection. Did Libranet on install detect everything correctly out of the box - YES! On my Dell Inspiron 8100 Notebook using flat panel display (nvidia drivers req'd) and Maestro3 sound, once again, Libranet detected everything perfectly including networking for both when it is docked and uses a 3Com ethernet adapter and when using its Xircom PCMCIA card. Last but not least, my mailserver, a four year old 486 box with 32Mb Ram, 4Gb HD, 1Mb Trident video card (connected Hansol monitor to box for the install). I was blown away when Libranet2.8 installed on this thing without a single problem. Is it worth the money. You bet for it is more than the sum of its parts, its the people behind it and the community that supports it. I find myself helping others in the forum as I check in often; I learned the names of some of the people that use the mail forum, Ken Moffet, Katsu, Doug Riddle and others. They have questions and they are always there to help you. Would I recommend Libranet to newbies and others? You bet I would. Joe, you've done a balance job in writing your experience but, you're out on this one. It's so subjective - I love my Libranet!


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