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Re:Libranet is great but....

Posted by: Administrator on February 01, 2004 05:59 PM
And if you're not being a student, senior or disabled person, you don't get such a discount, so that doesn't matter much for other people. I personally don't feel it's a big charitable gesture as $50 is still rather expensive. You have to remember that it's the OS they're really selling, not the software with it, as the same programs are freely available to all Linux-users except on Lindows (if not included, then possible to download later).

18000 packages? That's Debian you're talking about there. Debian is well-known for having a huge variety of packages in their repositories. I'm running Mepis right now and I'm seeing the same thing that you are with synaptic. That includes an improved verion of apt, although it might not be the same improved version, I don't know.

2.8.1 costs $10 more than 2.8. How much will 3.0 cost? SuSE's prices are going down since Novell bought them. And SuSE Pro includes more bundled, non-free software for about $5 more.

I'm not saying Libranet is bad. On the contrary. But they need to take a look at the market out there and compare their products and prices objectively before they start alienating potential new customers with their prices rising after being fairly high to start with. Then I'll sing their praises along with the others, and I'm sure many new customers will too. I don't want to see Libranet go down like Corel Linux did until XandrOS bought them. But I'm afraid that's what will happen if they stay out of touch with the market like they seem to be now. When there are products of comparable quality, most people (especially on many Linux forums) just consider them overpriced no matter how good Libranet is.

As a last note, I'd like to add that I don't see how Libranet isn't for newbies. I thought it was quite easy to install, about as easy as Mandrake, which is usally recommended for newbies.


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