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Libranet is great but....

Posted by: Administrator on January 29, 2004 05:09 AM also costs $75.It's just not worth *that* much. Sure, the Pro versions of SuSE and Mandrake cost more, as well the deluxe version of XandrOS. But SuSE and Mandrake Pro include much more software than Libranet, and the deluxe version of XandrOS includes Crossover. I'd be more charitable if it included anything original besides the adminmenu, which I agree is a wonderful tool, and I agree they did a great job putting it together. But it's no better than some other desktop Linux distros, many of which are free. Perhaps they still think APT is a great advantage? Many other distros have it now, or something similar.

I almost hate to trash them like this, because Libranet really is a great distro, but it's simply too expensive in comparison to others that are just as good. And yes, I know from experience. I was expecting it to be better than SuSE or Mandrake for that price, but it wasn't


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