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Re:Who says they didn't? Ignorance isn't an opinio

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on December 11, 2006 08:12 AM
Ah yes, the M$ solution braught to you by the mind that forsees WindowsTM on every computer and phone, the MS sat net in orbit making every call a local one (did I mention the msPhones are all satphones?).

As I remember, BillyG had a nice knee jerk reaction.

Negroponte aproached M$; we'd like to develop a basic notebook that can be baught in bulk and given to children. It has to be open so that children can dig into it and learn how it goes together.

BillyG; We'll give you an old build of WinCE slightly modified but we can't open it up or include the source code.

Negrophonte; We were thinking something at least closer to win98 and it needs to be open with source code so that people can build on it even if they can't afford to by further software.

BillyG; How about we include a nice shiny "Microsoft" sticker with each embeded closed winCE?

Negroponte; Thanks, we'll go with a custom Linux build that'll run on lesser than last week's hardware and which can actually be open with all source available.

I believe this was the time BillyG lost his shit at not getting his way and suddenly M$ had a one Cell Phone Per Child idea; we build a cell phone running winCE providing the apps we think they might need. Everyone needs a cell phone right? Now, we make it plug into a TV because everyone has a TV right? Oh, and make sure it attaches to a keyboard too. it's like a little computer you plug into a big screen, keyboard and mouse (if you've baught the accessories). Hey, and think of the benifits of branding early in a whole new market for protrietaryTM systems. Now that's the Microsoft way.

Eeesh.. Intel and M$ are pissed because they don't get in on the ground floor of a new market to abuse and control.

Hehehe.. 12,000$ laptop per child.. yeah, that'd be the Microsoft solution. Oh that's good squishy.

I wish the OLPC the best of luck. For the nei-sayers, the idea is to try and help not find reasons why not to help.


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