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Such negativity!

Posted by: alandd on December 10, 2006 02:28 PM
Man, oh man. If you are the same person that has been posting in other threads of this discussion, you have a big problem with "well-meaning western society program"s!

What do you propose? What should we realtively very wealthy "well-meaning western societ[ies]" do to help the third world? What will work?

We send money, the government corruption takes most of it. We send food, war lords and vandals horde it for the black market. We send books, people complain that the books "indoctrinate" to "western thinking." We send inexpensive computers, people complain that it isn't clean water.

Should we just walk away a leave them to fend for themselves and ignore the misery? Because lots of projects have failed we shouldn't try anymore?

I'm sorry, but your attitude is just so annoying to me right now. It's like you watch someone give a thirsty person a glass of water and you jump all over them because there is no ice in the glass!

If OLPC and all the other well-meaing programs are the wrong answer, what is the right answer?


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