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Who says they didn't? Ignorance isn't an opinion!

Posted by: bob_calder on December 09, 2006 09:13 AM

Hasn't anyone noticed that OLPC criticisms are like ID arguments? Who the hell says nobody did any of this crap yet?

The laptop project was tested in two places I know of. Cambodia and Maine. Negroponte went over it in his TED talk way back last winter. No infrastructure? Americans are such arrogant jerks.

At many schools the only way you get anything fixed is by asking a kid. But forget fixing. What is the cost of replacing one? Oh, yeah, $150.00.

The cost of support CAN'T be measured by our costs either. It will most likely be similar to any university running Moodle, a mail server, and DHCP. Big damn deal. Ask Open University. What, the largest online institution in the world isn't good enough for you? You need more tests? In think I remember Negroponte answering that one too.

Good thing they didn't suggest Microsoft's solution. The $12,000 laptop per child.


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